SEAsTra (sea-ástra) works with individual artisan groups in Southeast Asia to promote their handmade
goods to consumers abroad.  We subscribe to a transparent
Fair Trade business model.  All of the
products we represent are made through cottage industries using time-honored methods.  

Each artisan group is recognized locally for the superior quality of the items they make.  Our
CEO lives
in Thailand and speaks Thai; this permits us to work directly, on-site with the artisan groups to promote
high quality, marketable products in both traditional and modern designs.  We ensure that all groups
adhere to fair labor practices, guaranteeing safe working conditions and appropriate living wages for their
members, and that child labor is strictly prohibited.

Currently, we market our products to stores and boutiques in the USA, the Caribbean Islands, Canada
and the UK.  We invite you to learn about our
Artisan Supplier Groups and the products that they make
and to
contact us for additional information about the items they create.

As a company, SE Asia Trade LLC is committed to reinvesting a percentage of our profits back into the
local communities.  We have contributed books and audio equipment to local schools and helped to
organize and present English classes.  In addition, we have purchased a satellite dish and setup that
enables a rural school to receive government educational programs and lessons.
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Last August 2018, SEAsTra exhibited at NY NOW, Handmade Global Design, in
Booth 428, Javits Center
SEAsTra is a member of Fair Trade Los Angles.
SEAsTra is a member of the Fair Labor Organization.
A Short Description of SEAsTra

SEAsTra exclusively markets Unique, Ethically Sourced, Hand Made Women’s Accessories.  
SEAsTra’s clients include upscale fashion boutiques, multiple location boutiques, university
campus stores, also hospital and museum shops.

SEAsTra offers: Hand Woven Silk Shawls and Scarves; Handcrafted Jewelry; Hand Stitched and
Hand Woven Cotton Fabric Handbags; Hand Stitched Cotton Fabric Sandals; Handcrafted,
Hand Embroidered Hmong and Lahu Cotton, Specialty Bags; Handcrafted and Adorned
Designer Handbags; Hand  Painted Silk/Cotton Shawls; Tie Dyed Scarves; Silk Screened Cotton
Tote and Wine Bags; and Hand Woven, Open Weave Cotton Scarves.  SEAsTra is a wholesale
supplier of ethically sourced, handcrafted women’s apparel, accessories, jewelry and leather
trimmed bags, and adheres to the principles of Fair Trade.

SEAsTra Hand Woven Thai Silk Shawls, Wraps and Scarves are produced by a women’s
cooperative in Isaan, eastern Thailand.  The villagers conduct the entire process of feeding silk
worms the mulberry leaves, collecting the cocoons, unraveling the silk thread, dyeing the silk,
creating the designs, and hand weaving the textiles.  

A community of Lahu villagers in the mountains outside Chiang Mai, Thailand craft eco-friendly
cotton Handbags, and also shoes, sandals and clogs primarily from hand stitched or hand woven
legacy fabric, the fabric having originally been made for traditional ceremonial or festive

SEAsTra Handcrafted Art is a wholesale supplier of intricately hand woven thin yarn and thick
yarn cotton shawls and scarves produced by villagers located in the hills of rural northwestern
Thailand. The area is inhabited by both Karen and Tai peoples who traditionally work side by
side in cooperative efforts. Being primarily farmers, the villagers grow their own cotton, and
produce and mix their own natural dyes. By developing their time-honored farming and weaving
skills, they naturally constitute a sustainable and eco-friendly enterprise.

Sakchira, at his studio in the Lanna region of northern Thailand, has created over 120 original
artistic designs to be hand painted on silk, silk/cotton blend, jersey fabric and chiffon shawls.
Recently added are Infinity Scarves and Square Scarves.  Sakchira instructs and personally
supervises a small number of select local artisans who hand paint the designs on the various
fabrics.   Being hand painted, the individual designs are repeated rather than duplicated.

Theong Pour Sewing, fashions distinctive bags made from hand embroidered Hill Tribe,
primarily Hmong, fabrics obtained from the rural villages throughout northern Thailand. The
artisans are all members of one traditional, extended family working cooperatively to celebrate
and enhance the original designs of the recycled, repurposed, legacy fabrics.

Bai Tang crafts unique, original design Wrap Bracelets at their workshop in Nakhon Si
Thammarat in the far south eastern region of the Thai peninsula.

In rural Udon Thani Province of northeastern Thailand, local Artisans hand weave silk fabric for
their traditional ceremonial and festive clothing. Excess silk is recycled and repurposed or
upcycled to make hand sewn yoyo buds which are fashioned into unique and exquisite scarves.
Kampung Silk is also known for its Batik, hand dyeing, designs on silk fabric.

Located in rural Lamphun Province, the Tassananuluk Women’s Group produces Tie Dyed
scarves.  The artisans hand dye cotton cloth to fashion truly unique and stylish scarves.

Ban Bauk Ped Bags, located in a community just outside of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand,
utilizes hand embroidered, Hill Tribe legacy fabrics collected from artisans in local mountain
valleys to fashion exquisite hand bags that combine traditional patterns and colors with original
and functional designs.

SEAsTra was founded in 2005 by George Meck, a graduate of the University of Arizona and
former director of research in the Singapore office of an American international market research
firm.  A certified SCUBA Instructor, George moved to Thailand and was actually on the water
during the disastrous tsunami of 2004; that business opportunity was effectively eliminated.  An
interest in ethnic arts and crafts and the artisans who produce them led to establishing his firm.  

Pursuing that interest, SEAsTra continuously searches for and identifies local Artisans and rural
groups throughout Thailand.  SEAsTra engages them over time to further develop their
traditional skills and to collaborate with them to expand those skills in order to craft products
that will appeal to the contemporary fashion market.  SEAsTra subscribes to a Fair Trade
business model; we work only with groups which allow us to visit and observe the products being
made, guaranteeing that proper business practices are adhered to.  SEAsTra is a member of Fair
Trade Los Angeles, the Fair Labor Association, and the Museum Store Association.  SEAsTra
regularly exhibits at trade shows in New York City, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Georgia, and Los

The CEO of SEAsTra lives in Thailand and speaks Thai; this permits him to work directly, on-
site with the Artisan groups to promote high quality, marketable products in both traditional
and contemporary designs, and to assist the Artisans in achieving economic security and self-
sufficiency.  Subscribing to a Fair Trade business model, SEAsTra ensures that all groups adhere
to fair labor practices, guaranteeing safe working conditions and appropriate living wages for all
members, and that child labor is strictly prohibited.  All of the products we represent are made
through cottage industries using time-honored methods.  SEAsTra considers it a point of pride to
have established a collaborative and supportive relationship with the Artisans with whom we